What is CFOT.e?

Q: What is CFOT.e?

A: Crossfit OldTown Endurance/CrossFit Alepou Endurance(CFOT.e)  is an endurance program designed to be implemented in conjunction with Crossfit. Based off of Crossfit Endurance(CFE), this program will make you stronger, increase your power output, increase your cardiovascular function, increase your speed, increase your anaerobic capacity while helping decrease body fat, and decreasing the amount of time you spend training for a race.  Train for any distance while putting less miles on your body than traditional training.

This is designed to be done 3+ hours before or after your CF WOD.  It is understood that life gets in the way sometimes…no biggie.  Do what you can.  The intervals are to be done as fast as possible while maintaining as consistent of a split as possible(I know this is non-specific, do your best)–no sandbagging.  You should be smoked at the end of most of these.

Q: Do I have to do CFOT, CFAlepou, or even do CF at all?  Can I just do CFOT.e?

A: I can tell you that this is a place to start.  I can also tell you that this is specifically designed to go with CF.  If you want to get the most out of it, then the answer is start doing Crossfit and CFOT.e.  If you want to see what happens if you just do CFOT.e, then the answer is start doing CFOT.e.  You will see results, and then you will start to wonder what would happen if you did CFOT, CFAlepou, or any CF also.

Q: Will it make me better at Crossfit?

A: YES! Well, in a sense.

CFOT.e will help you recover faster so you will be ready for the next interval faster.  Because of the power you are putting out during the CF and the CFOT.e WoDs you will be stronger and faster throughout all of your WoDs.

Q: Can CFOT.e train me for a race of any distance, from 5K to 100M?

A: YES! And without long distance runs, thus decreasing the potential for overuse injuries.  The amount of power you are exerting during these intervals and TTs is greater than the power you exerted on any long slow distance run you might have done in the past.  If you are already doing CF, you are (more than) halfway there already.  Just add 3 more WODs/week and say hello to faster running.

Q: Where do I start?

A: Great question!  If you feel you are ready for the RX track, jump in and do a WOD.  Keep in mind that these do not look like much work, but if you are doing them right you will be wrecked when it is over.  If you start with the RX track and it is too much, back down to the Modified track.  Start on the current week, unless we have discussed otherwise.

Q: I live in the NoVA area, which CF do you recommend with these?

A: I would of course recommend CrossFit Alepou(www.crossfitalepou.com). If you would like more recommendations, please contact me at the email below.

Q: What if I still have more questions?

A: Feel free to email Kelley…[email protected] com with any questions you might have.